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At MBS Press, (a division of award winning company Pick-a-WooWoo Pty Ltd), we help Authors self publish books that inspire, educate and empower. We are mind, body and spirit publishers, as this is our passion, our quest, our inspiration. Yes we do help other authors to publish their books - CLICK HERE to read more.

Or we can help you to SELP PUBLISH via our 'sister company' Do-It-Yourself-Publishing.

Our books offer something of value or worth to the reader and often empower and improve the lives of others. Have you got something you think we should see?

We provide personal service.

Before we offer to publish your work, we review your manuscript and listen to you to understand your publication goals and your dreams. Then, we provide a customised publishing solution. Although we offer a number of packages these can be highly customised to your needs.

We are able to offer you the new publishing era of ‘Print on Demand' which enables writers to publish without having to spend tens of thousands on printing thousands of books. We also offer traditional full-service publishing and consultancy services to help you through the self publishing process should you choose to go it alone.

We believe that writing and publishing a book is an extraordinarily personal experience. We know this because we've been involved with the publishing industry for over 15 years (and the industry has changed significantly during this time). By relying on our publishing, design and marketing services, you can achieve your goals and explore the new opportunities that await you as a published author.
We know that each author has distinctive and important needs during the production, promotion and sale of their book. Therefore, there is always a person here to talk to you - before you agree to publish with us, during the production of your book and of course, during the promotion and sale of your book. We are here to serve YOU.

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PLEASE NOTE - If you are interested in self-publishing then please visit our 'sister company' Do-It-Yourself-Publishing or read this FREE booklet for assistance.

We are honoured to be Winners and Finalists of these prestigious Business Awards.


We build relationships with authors so we can help the publishing journey happen with joy, love and ease.